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CB12 Mint/Menthol (Original) Mouthwash 250ml

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First class breath and first class protection: 

CB12 contains fluoride.

CB12 contains 0.05% fluoride to help strengthen the tooth enamel and prevent the dev...



CB12 Mouthwash - Recommended For Daily Use

  • Ensures first class breath through its powerful and unique, patented formula.
  • Provides 12 hour protection thanks to its long-lasting effect.
  • Boosts your confidence with its scientifically proven safe and effective action.

The powerful and unique combination of zinc acetate and chlorhexidine within CB12 neutralises the formation of the substances that cause unpleasant breath.

The unique and patented formulation of CB12 binds with the lining of the mouth, teeth and tongue, ensuring up to 12 hours of long-lasting first class breath.

Scientific studies using instruments specifically designed to detect the sulphurous gases at the root of unpleasant odours, together with clinical trials have proven that CB12 is safe, effective and long-lasting.

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Additional Information

Volume 250ml


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