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Sona Infant D3 -30ml

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Normal growth and development of bone Delicious tasting Suitable from birth 30ml per bottle - 4 months supply Plastic dropper included for ease of use



Hi! This is Sarah, from Medipharm pharmacy, in Dundrum. The HSE recommends vitamin D from birth to one year due to the lack of sunshine in Ireland. Vitamin D is essential for the healthy development of bones and teeth in babies, as well as contributing to healthy immune systems in children. Sona Infant D3 Drops are sugar and alcohol free and contains 4 month’s supply in each bottle. Sona Infant D3 is available at our 3 Medipharm stores and Medipharm Read the label. Sona Infant D3 is a food supplement that contains 800iu of vitamin D3 in each ml. It is not easy for parents to spot the signs of vitamin D deficiency in their baby. In severe cases, a lack of vitamin D can result in the softening of bones and poor bone formation leafing to fractures and deformities (e.g. rickets). The prevention of rickets at infancy is crucial since it is the most rapid period of bone growth and development. In older children and adults, vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteomalacia, which is the softening of bones due to defective bone mineralisation and is characterized by weak bones, bone pain, muscle weakness and fractures. Sona Infant D3 provides a direct source of vitamin D3 that the body can use efficiently to help prevent the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

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Additional Information

Volume 30ml


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