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Nicorette Invisi Extra Strength 25mg/16 hours Transdermal Patch - 7 patches

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Nicotine Patches will provide effective relief from cravings and withdrawal symptoms experienced when trying to stop smoking.



Nicotine Patches will provide effective relief from cravings and withdrawal symptoms experienced when trying to stop smoking.

Adults and the Elderly

Experience with the treatment of nicotine dependence shows that success rates are improved if patients also receive support therapy and counseling. Nicorette Invisi Patch should not be used concurrently with any other nicotine products and patients must stop smoking completely when starting treatment.

The patch should be applied to an intact area of the skin upon waking up in the morning and removed at bedtime. Patch treatment mimics the fluctuations of nicotine over the day in smokers, with no nicotine administration during sleep. Daytime nicotine patch treatment does not give the nicotine induced sleep disturbances seen with nicotine administration during sleep.

Heavy smokers are recommended to start at Step 1 with the 25 mg/ 16 hours patch and use one patch daily for 8 weeks.

Gradual weaning from the patch should then be initiated. One 15 mg/16 hours patch should be used daily for 2 weeks followed by one 10 mg/16 hours patch daily for 2 weeks.

Light smokers are recommended to start at Step 2 (15 mg) for 8 weeks and decrease the dose to Step 3 (10 mg) for the final 4 weeks.


Table 1 Heavy Smokers Light Smokers

Dose regimen


Dose regimen


Step 1

Nicorette Invisi Patch 25 mg

First 8 weeks


Step 2

Nicorette Invisi Patch 15 mg

Next 2 weeks

Step 2

Nicorette Patch 15 mg

First 8 weeks

Step 3

Nicorette Invisi Patch 10 mg

Last 2 weeks


Nicorette Patch 10 mg

Last 4 weeks


Children and Adolescents

Nicorette Invisi Patch should not be administered to persons under 18 years of age without recommendation from a health care professional. There is limited experience of treating this age group with Nicorette Invisi Patch.

Use of the patch beyond 6 months is generally not recommended. Some ex-smokers may need longer treatment to avoid returning to smoking.


How to apply the patches

Nicorette Invisi Patch should be applied to clean, dry intact areas of hairless skin, for example on the hip, upper arm, or chest. These areas should be varied each day and the same site should not be used on consecutive days.

1. Wash your hands before applying the patch.

2. Cut open the pouch with scissors along the side, as indicated. Select a clean, dry, hairless intact area of skin, such as the hip, upper arm or chest.

3. Peel one part of the silvery aluminum backing away as far as possible. Avoid touching the sticky surface of the patch with your fingers, as far as possible

4. Apply the sticky part of the patch carefully onto the skin and peel off the remaining half of the silvery aluminum backing.

5. Press the patch firmly onto the skin with your palm or finger-tips.

6. Rub your fingers firmly round the edge to ensure that the patch sticks firmly.

After removal, used patches should be disposed of carefully.

Always read the instructions before use

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Strength 25mg Nicotine


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