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Pharma nord D-pearls- 80 caps

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Pharma Nord



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D-Pearls (Vitamin D3) from Pharma Nord are specially formulated in gel 'pearls'. They contain vitamin D3 dissolved in cold-pressed olive oil to enhance absorption and are encapsulated in small, easy-to-swallow “pearls” of soft gelatine.

Vitamin D contributes to normal functioning of the immune system, contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth and bones, supports normal muscle functioning, and plays a role in the body’s cell division and specialisation.

When UV rays hit the skin, the active form of vitamin D is formed. The body’s ability to produce vitamin D is reduced with age, however the vitamin D synthesis is inhibited by lack of sunshine or covering up with clothes. Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, young children, elderly people and those with dark skin may also require supplemental vitamin D due to inadequate UV exposure.

Why Pharma Nord Bio-Vitamin D3:

  • Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.
  • Oil-based capsule form for enhanced absorption.
  • Contains a form of vitamin D (cholecalciferol) naturally produced in the skin.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is the most easily absorbed form of vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is lipisoluble (dissolves in oil), so an oil-based preparation is best.

Vitamin D deficiency
In children a lack of vitamin D may result in rickets (softening of the bones leading to ‘bow legs') In adults, deficiency may result in osteomalacia (softening of the bones and muscle weakness). Deficiencies may also appear in strict vegetarians and pregnant women. The body's ability to manufacture vitamin D declines with age, and vitamin D deficiency is more common in the elderly.

As vitamin D is an important immune system regulator, optimal vitamin D3 levels have been shown to inhibit the development of some autoimmune diseases and also to reduce the occurrence of respiratory infections. For a healthy immune system, ensure to supplement with vitamin D.

Supplementation with vitamin D3 is recommended for children, elderly, people with dark skin or people who spend the majority of their time indoors. In addition, in areas where there are extended periods of low sunlight, experts advise that almost everyone should use supplements to ensure sufficient levels of vitamin D3.

D-Pearls contain 38 ug (1520 IU) of Vitamin D3.

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