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Salin Plus Air Purifier

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How Salin Plus works:

  • The Salin® Air Purifier works by having air constantly passing through the filter with micro-crystalline salts which creates a fine, constant spray of salt particles in the surrounding area.
  • This unique dispersal of salt into the atmosphere offers long lasting and gentle relief from respiratory symptoms, without the use of a mask or inhaler. The Salin Plus Air Purifier is simply turned-on and left to work overnight.
  • Whilst you sleep the salt diffused air is then inhaled, reducing inflammation in the whole respiratory tract; absorbing any swelling from the linings in the airways, widening the airway passages, unclogging mucus and congestion in the bronchi and bronchioles. By dissolving and freeing the mucus, Salt Therapy can cause an increase in mucus expulsion. This action restores normal transport of the mucus and helps to eliminate foreign allergens such as pollen or dust particles. Regular and sustained use of the Salin Plus Air Purifier can also slow down the development and build up of mucus reoccurring.

What you need to know...

  • When using the Salin Plus for the first time, intensive use of the device is recommended for at least one month for a recommended period of 8 hours every night.
  • The salt particles dispersed by the Salin Plus device is made up primarily of sodium chloride and is rich is trace minerals (98 % NaCl,0.5 % calcium chloride and magnesium, 0.2 % iodine and sulphur). Unlike table salt, the salt used does not contribute to high blood pressure.
  • Avoid using Salin Plus in spaces with high humidity or steam, in dusty spaces or in spaces with oily aerosols (kitchen), because these kinds of environments damage the filter.
  • The use of the Salin Plus does not show any contra-indications or side effects with other medical or therapeutic methods. While Salin is intended for use in conjunction with other prescribed treatments, clinical trials have shown that many patients report a significant reduction in the need for medication or steroid inhalers.
  • The device has no corrosive effect on the environment.


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